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  *   EXPERIENCED PROS: We are owned and run entirely by internationally qualified and highly experienced ski and snowboard pros. Our Head Coach, Alan Garcia, sponsored by 3Ryde, has been a qualified full time pro since January 2001.

  *  EXCEPTIONAL PASS RATE:  Since 2005 our pass rate has never dropped below 95% for all exams taken by people training with us on our 10 week or longer courses with full attendance. We train towards all the major recognised bodies (EAPSI, CASI, BASI, CSIA, NZSIA, SBINZ) and have experience in most of the globally recognised systems (including the European, French, Austrian, British, Italian, Polish, New Zealand, Canadian, Australian, Slovakian, US and Swiss National systems)

  *  THE MOST FUN: We have more FUN than can possibly be imagined. We train hard and well but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Train hard, play harder- ALL the time 😉 Check out our videos and photos on our gallery and on our Facebook page to glimpse what you could be doing this season.

*  PERFECT FOR YOU: We train ANYONE of any experience level. We have the results too. So far more than 70 people have trained with us to pass their official snowboard instructor exams on just our 10 week course! We cut out all the nonsense to just get to the point and help YOU be as good as you can be as quickly and effectively as possible. If you want to be pushed, we’ll push you. If you want to chill, have fun, sit back and be like Bob Marley, no worries. Tell us what your goals are and we’ll make them happen together.

Our prices are far lower than every other instructor course out there for a number of reasons:

  1. PASSIONATE PROS: We are not greedy and genuinely LOVE training up new ski and snowboard pros so much that we’d happily do it for free forever (If the rest of the world did everything for free as well of course).
  2. QUALITY CHALETS: We have access to fantastic chalets with all mod cons in the heart of the world class ski resort, Zakopane.
  3. OUR OWN TRAVEL COMPANY: We also own our own international, licensed tour operator: so we get the best rates in town for everything from transport to lift passes and ski and snowboard gear.
  4. POLAND IS THE BEST VALUE: We’re based in Poland which is VERY good value for everything from eating out in quality restaurants to drinks in classy, modern clubs.


This season Sunshine World are the official Test Centre in Poland for Dual Boards. Dual Boards are a revolutionary new design fusing the flexibility and ease of climbing of skis with the general rider style and positioning of snowboards.

Snowboard Instructor Trainee Testimonials:

“Thanks for a great time, totally wicked. I enjoyed it so much, hopefully see you next season 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hanna” Hanna Kozlowska, CASI Snowboard Instructor

“YEA DAWG! Bloody amazing time, only wish i could extend it somehow! Auzzie Brett xxxxxxx” Brett Machin, CASI Snowboard Instructor

Check out more testimonials here

VIDEO ( Above ) Bret Machin. Bretto trained on the Sunshine World Academy  and worked with us on our Pro Team.

Check out more testimonials in our online guest book here.

Welcome to Sunshine World and congratulations on finding the cheapest professional quality, all inclusive, Internationally Licensed and fully customisable, snowboard instructor training courses in Europe!

As the majority of our snowboard training takes place in Zakopane, Poland’s winter capital, we can ensure that you receive the very highest level of service and quality of training while the polish prices ensure you don’t have to break the bank in order to fulfil your dream of becoming a fully qualified, professional snowboard instructor.

Unbeatable results!

KIA Snowcup Rail Jam WON by Sunshine World Pro Team Member, Mikey McKernan in Bialka Tatrzanska, Poland

We are very proud to announce that over 90% of our Academy members who took our Gold and Silver courses since 2005 passed their official CASI (Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors) and/ or EAPSI (European Association of Professional Snowboard Instructors) exams and are now qualified snowboard pros!

The Slopes in Zakopane, even if less extensive, are arguably nearly as good as anything in the world. Above right: Look out for our beloved mascot Sunny wandering the streets and brightening up everyone’s day!

Our Snowboard Instructor training courses have been carefully designed by our own experienced fully qualified (with EAPSI, CSIA, CASI, BASI and more), International Instructors. Indeed our company is entirely owned and run by professional, qualified, snowboard instructors. Our managing director, Alan Garcia, has been a qualified snowboard instructor since he was just 15 years old! When he passed his CASI level 1 in  January 2001 he was the youngest to ever pass the exams.

A little feedback on how the sunshineworld crew do it!

To begin with i have only been here nearly 6 days and boarded roughly 2 weeks. In the week i have been here they have already shown me how it is! my riding style and technique has improved 5 million percent on top of this being the best week of my life!! i cant believe how rad and skilled the team is and i have another 9 weeks with them. YEW! whatever you want they’ve got it covered and they treat you like a GOD. ill be back thats for sure!

peace and love. Brett Machin


Thanks for taking the time to check out the photos. cant believe how sick they turned out!! by far one of the best days this season and it keeps getting better! i couldn’t ask to be riding with a better group of people and im proud to be part of the team whilst doing my training here. i was a bit apprehensive about doing a full season in poland at first but iv been to a fair few resorts across the globe and zakopane has by far more than you need to have a sick season and get your qualifications whilst saving alot of money.. id definitely recommend the coarse to anyone serious about boarding/sking whilst being in a completely relaxed environment and meeting some of the friendliest people, no matter what stage of boarding/skiing you are at.

Adam Ward

Video above … Ruben Demuynck, one of our academy students who passed both his CASI 1 & 2 Exams, showing off some of his skills in a freestyle park here in Zakopane, Poland during the winter season.

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